The recently established design label T.A.C. was born from the desire to create small, unique collections of printed garments and accessories. The designs juxtapose simple and classic silhouettes with complex and colourful prints.
The shapes are specifically designed to be easy to cut, sew, wear and store. They are effortless - all unnecessary fuss and detail have been removed. This neo-constructivism and the minimalism of the resulting shapes, contrast, yet compliment the exuberant and extravagant prints.
These prints reveal a unique combination of hand-drawn illustrations, collages, photography and mixed media images. They explore the infinite possibilities within print-design. The prints are bold and vibrant, eclectic and poetic, the silhouettes are their blank canvas.
The label is designed by fashion and textiles designer Tatiana Andersen Camre, a graduate of Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins.
photo by Retts Wood